Normal Blood Sugar Level Chart For Diabetics

by admin on November 2, 2009

Blood Sugar Level Chart For Diabetics – Are There Any Normal Blood Sugar Levels?
By Tehmina Mazher

Whenever the person finds himself or his loved one diabetic; the first thing he wants to know is blood sugar level chart. He wants to have information about the normal blood sugar levels.

The following is given a simple blood glucose level chart. This chart will give the diabetics and their family members a better idea about normal blood sugar levels. The goal of the diabetics is to achieve these levels for avoiding dangerous complications and maintaining better health.

Normal Blood Sugar Level:

The normal level of glucose in blood is between 70mg/dl and 150 mg/dl. These levels are fairly lower in morning when a person has not eaten anything but they increase after eating meals.

Random Blood Glucose Level

Regardless of the fact that when you have taken your last meal; the random blood glucose level should not be more than 200 mg/dl. A higher level means the person is suffering from diabetes.

Fasting Blood Glucose Level:

Fasting blood glucose level, specifically before eating anything in the morning must be between 70mg/dl and 99 mg/dl. If it is126mg/dl or higher then it means that person is suffering from diabetes.

It is good to keep the track of glucose levels. While monitoring the levels of glucose in blood it is important to note the pattern of levels of these levels. The person should pay proper attention to different types of medications, foods, stress level or any other activity that cause an undesirable decrease or increase in the level of glucose in the bloodstream.

If your levels of glucose in blood are not in the normal range then it is critical that you start taking the action right now!

1) The first step towards your better health for your health is to check Signs Of Diabetes so that you can start Treatment Of Diabetes.

2) The next step is to plan a visit to endocrinologist.


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