Normal Blood Sugar Level For Women During Pregnancy

by admin on February 3, 2011

The Normal Blood Sugar Level During Pregnancy

The Normal Blood Sugar Level During Pregnancy

By Fuad Tolieb

This test checks for the gestational diabetes. As the term “gestational” implies, some women develop this type of diabetes when they are pregnant. On the other hand, having a positive result on the sugar level test is inconclusive. According to resources, only 1/3 of pregnant women who have positive test results actually have this condition. In order to get a reliable result, pregnant women who are positive with the glucose level will undergo an intensive test as well. Below is a thorough explanation of the testing process and having normal blood sugar level during pregnancy.

TESTING – Gestational diabetes has been considered one of the most widespread problems during pregnancy but only 2 up to 5 percent of pregnant women develop this condition. Pregnant women who are undergoing this screening test are required to drink a sugar solution which contains about 50 grams of sugar or glucose. She must then finish drinking the solution within a 5-minute timeframe. After an hour, doctors will get a blood sample to check the level. This will measure how fast the pregnant woman’s body processes blood glucose.

LEVELS – Doctors can’t agree as to what is the normal blood sugar level for pregnant women. Some doctors say that 130 ml/dl is considered high while some say that a high blood sugar level is about 140 ml/dl or milligrams of blood sugar per deciliter of blood. However, if the expectant mother has a test result of more than 200 ml/dl, doctors will consider the pregnant woman as diabetic.

TREATMENT – Pregnant women that develop gestational diabetes will be monitored closely by her doctor in order to maintain the normal level. A nutritionist or a diabetes specialist might also be involved in caring for women who have this condition. There are some cases wherein mothers will still have the condition after the baby is born so another blood sugar level test will be done 6 weeks after pregnancy.

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